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Symposia for Contemplative Studies

At the end of April, several of us from 1440 Foundation were fortunate enough to attend the inaugural International Symposia for Contemplative Studies a collaborative effort to explore the value and effects of contemplative practices. The event was facilitated by the Mind & Life Institute, a grantee of 1440 Foundation as well as a recent recipient of a $200,000 grant from the Dalai Lama. The symposia was a great juxtaposition of science and spirit, bringing together renowned researchers, scholars, teachers, students, and 1440 grantees for a weekend centered on mindfulness.

We were awed by the power of the community and their motivation to bringing mindfulness to all people in all spaces. With so many incredible minds in the room, we were able to learn a lot and gain a broader understanding of the work currently being done in the field of mindfulness. One important tip we learned was the importance of logic models when applying for government funding.

We also had the opportunity to catch up with some 1440 grantees and learn about the exciting things they have planned this year. We even got a few of them to give us their thoughts on video! Look for those soon on our Facebook page and this site.

We were filled with a heightened sense of purpose and pride as each one of our grantees took the podium and talked about the work they were doing and how 1440 Foundation had helped them get there. We are so grateful to be working with such incredibly kind, mindful and motivated people. We can’t wait to see what the challenge winners have in store for us.

Love and light,