Announcing the 1440 Challenge Semi-Finalists

Posted on: July 12th, 2012 by Katey Kennedy

After weeks of reading, deliberation and not a few restless nights, we have narrowed the 1440 Challenge‘s 168 entries to 20 semi-finalists. The challenge (so to speak) for us was choosing just 20, but the effort itself was rewarding because we were able to experience this budding community’s enthusiasm.

We also were grateful for the chance to review some truly fantastic ideas. Not all of them fit into our work directly, but our thanks go out to everyone who participated. When selecting the semi-finalists, we kept in mind four criteria from our submission guidelines:

  1. Was the submission in line with 1440 Foundation’s mission?  We’re looking for ideas that promote or teach the relationship skills of authenticity, trust, empathy and self-awareness in the spaces of education, wellness or the workplace. It was important to the foundation that one of the specific relationship skills be the main focus of the entry and not a byproduct of a specific program.
  2. Does the submission have the potential to scale? Can the project or program be rolled out nationally or internationally? Not all entries in the top 20 fit this bill, but scalability does help ideas reach as many people as possible — people who might benefit from or be amenable to learning and sharing these relationship skills. Social networks and smartphone apps certainly offer the opportunity to spread ideas quickly; however, technology isn’t a tonic that magically makes a program or project reach the masses. The quality of the ideas themselves mattered mosts. You’ll notice a few curricula in our top 20 we feel will scale well.
  3. Can the submission reach people beyond active participants in these fields? It was important to us that the idea have the potential to be accessible to those people who don’t actively practice some of the techniques we often mention, such as mindfulness. Part of spreading these relationship skills means reaching new people not just energizing those who would already be prone to the practice. Again, not every project or program selected will appeal this widely, but it was a consideration.
  4. Finally, the idea needed to be sustainable. 1440 wants to support ideas that can ultimately sustain themselves. We are eager for the best ideas to make the mainstream.

Regardless of whether you’re idea made it into this top 20 list, we hope all of you stay in touch with us on Facebook, Twitter, and other communications channels so we can see how your projects and dreams grow. When possible, we’re also happy to point you in the direction of others who might share your goals or organizations that can provide additional support.

Meanwhile, congratulations to the semi-finalists listed below. (Please note: Individual entries in a contest app on Facebook cannot be viewed on a smartphone. You’ll have to use a computer or iPad to see the entries. We apologize for the inconvenience.) Now, in no particular order:

14 Responses

  1. Congratulations to the top 20. Our CIYO app didn’t make the cut but we are heartened by the quality of our fellow dreamers and achievers. May we each continue to influence and transform ourselves and the world around us. Dorian of

  2. Gyuri Grell says:

    Congratulations to all the teams. We’re still moving forward with implementing our submission, maybe just a little slower since we’re bootstrapping 🙂

  3. John LaMuth says:

    The staff was asleep at the wheel !
    What about ethical-empathic artificial intelligence for future generations ?

    The staff was asleep at the wheel !
    What about ethical – empathic AI for future generations ?

    The world is in deep conflict today and in desperate need of more than “feel-good” mindfulness patches…
    This will go down in history as one of the greatest humanitarian oversights of all time…


  4. Funnynac says:

    Great Job, Everyone! Good luck to the finalists! I am proud of all who entered — the awareness in this field continues to expand exponentially! It is a blessing that more and more Humanitarians, Scientists, Educators, Parents, CEO’s, and Politicians (TR of OH!) are practicing and sharing this work!

  5. Shamini Dhana says:

    Congrats to the finalists – well done! I continue to be amazed at all the wonderful work and passion here at the 1440 Challenge Team. Hope to be able to connect with many of you who may share the love for Nature and would like to get involve with my project entry “Get2Nature”  –  a unique app for people to instill self-awareness and meaning in their lives by connecting daily with the natural world using experiential content. I was truly hoping that this concept which is in its infancy stages may resonate with people across the globe as we all share a common denominator – Planet Earth – and together we can connect by sharing our experiences on a thematic basis as well as a cultural and holistic viewpoint.

  6. Kristin Hull, PhD says:

    I can’t speak highly enough of the No Fault Zone game–and having it available on line will be a fabulous resource and so many more individuals and groups will be able to access the play-full entree to NVC consciousness.

  7. Didem Newton says:

    I shared Dream-e app with a few friends who were all very impressed by it. The thought process and technology went behind it can’t compare with similar software or apps out there. Despite its complicated technology, it is very easy to use and feels personal. As Dream-e is an app that focuses on dreams, taking that idea one step further witrh SOUL-e and enabling people to have an app that would push them further into deeper thinking and hence understanding life in a new light is a delightful promise, -one that I would like to indulge myself with. That promise surely deserves the winner title.

  8. Grandmakass says:

    The No-Fault Game sounds like the most innovative and exciting idea I’ve come across in a long time.

  9. Dmitri Laptev says:

    I am a user
    of Dream-e application and find it a great tool for self-analysis, which
    provides a truly powerful way for self-development and bringing harmony into
    relations with others. Soul-e, I am sure, will provide one with a number of new
    great possibilities for self-analysis and development in harmony with others
    and the world. I think it would really be good to support the development of
    such a promising product.

  10. Limor says:

    Congratulations everyone and good luck in the next round!

  11. Henry Mitchell says:

    As far as I know, there is no technology out there that compares with soul-e. The reason for this is that can solve problems and answer questions in a very human way, without needing the presence of a professional. The potential to develop the technology further and more deeply is the reason why it deserves to go further in the competition.  I regularly use Dream-e to get to the meaning of my dreams, and as a result, dreaming has become for me a more therapeutic practice, no matter what the content of the dream.  I hope they will get the chance to take this further with Soul-e – it is one of the few technologies that will actually contribute to peoples’ wellbeing. 

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