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Frequently Asked Questions About the 1440 Challenge

My idea is focused solely on self-awareness. Will that be enough to win, or must I include other relationship skills?
You are eligible to win by focusing on any single quality.  If you can make a compelling case that self awareness or self regulation approaches lay a foundation for better relationship skills that might be a winning submission. More comprehensive approaches, however, may be more powerful and compelling, especially as the four attributes often work together and cannot be separated.

My idea involves boosting athletic team performance.  Would this fall within your Wellness area?
Yes. We are choosing to define our three settings of education, wellness and work very broadly. If your idea deals with relationships between people, it is very likely to fit into one of our areas of interest.

Do I need to submit a business plan? Does my idea need a path to profitability?
Profit potential is not required. That being said, we are looking for ideas that provide value to many people and would be good candidates for garnering support from sources beyond this award.  A full business plan is not required, but we do require a basic strategy and budget for bringing your idea to fruition.

Your headline, “Social Media for Social Good” suggests that Submissions must include Social Media, is that true?
No. Our interest is squarely on the task of “relationships skills development.”  Technology can be a powerful tool for teaching and spreading these skills to many people.  It seems likely that the most cost effective ideas for reaching large numbers of people will utilize social media in some way.

I’m a provider of relationship skills content, but I know nothing about technology. Can I apply?
Yes. If you have suggestions or ideas for matching your curriculum or content with technology, please include that with your submission. The more developed or researched the ideas, the better!

Do I need to belong to Facebook to apply?
Yes. Submissions require that applicants have a Facebook account. You may not use another person’s account to enter your submission.

Can I submit my idea privately?
No. To be eligible for the 1440 Challenge, all ideas must be submitted through the process outlined on our Facebook page, that necessarily includes your idea being reviewed by other Entrants.

My business has just received B-corp certification status.  Can we apply?
Unfortunately, no. Our tax requirements limit us to giving only to individuals and non-profit groups within the U.S. who have been awarded IRC section 501(c)3  non-profit status from the IRS, and who are public charities within the meaning of IRC section 509. This being said, anyone within your B-corp could apply for the award as an individual. Award monies could be invested in the B-corp or in any way that the individual chooses.  Also, even though your B-corp may not be eligible for this award, 1440 may be interested in your idea, so please contact us separately if you are interested to do so.

One of your panel of judges works for Google. As a Google employee, am I disqualified from the competition?
No. Employees of Google or Twitter are not excluded from the Challenge.

Will the award deadline of 12:59 pm PST on June 1, 2012 be extended for any extenuating circumstances?