Evolutionary Conversations = Evolutionary Change

Combining empowering readings and social media to promote authentic conversations and multi-generational change


(i) We combine the power of technology with the wisdom found in readings to inspire dynamic conversations within and across generations. Our community is unified around a shared intention to activate and cultivate our potential as human beings to make a difference (individually and collectively) for the purpose of personal fulfillment and creative contribution to the greater good.

We envision a “conscious talk show” program where we can inspire each other through meaningful conversations that cultivate creativity, authenticity, awareness and service to humanity. Our “target audience” is young people, in particular, and anyone else who is drawn to our community. We proudly stand as a collective of diverse, multi-cultural and multi-generational beings engaging in generative conversations that serve our individual and collective evolution.

At the moment we meet in person and provide online access to our dynamic conversations so others can benefit from the insight and inspiration that is shared. Eventually, our expanded vision is to move our “talk show” onto the television medium as a way to provide an alternative to the quality of the programming children and young people are exposed to.

Our intention is to bring positive and empowering programming to younger generations through our entertaining, inspiring and interactive talk show. Conversations are based on readings so we promote literacy and authentic dialogue within the younger generation and beyond.

We film and broadcast our rich and empowering conversations as a way to provide an interactive outlet, a powerful medium and a dynamic community where we can each access and share our own wisdom, knowledge and insight while inspiring the same in others across the country (and world).

When young people see other young people (who look just like them) having profound and meaningful conversations they immediately tune in and resonate on a personal level. The feedback we receive is overwhelmingly positive and our challenge is to accommodate the level of interest and desire to participate from all who find their way to our community—and we haven’t even gone public yet!

Our community is like a nurturing garden where the seeds of possibility within and between us can blossom into greater expression.

– Authenticity and Awareness:

Our reading excerpts—and the culture of our community—are specifically intended to inspire self-awareness, social-awareness, greater authenticity and a desire to activate our own potential in order to contribute to our communities in meaningful and unique ways.

We hope that our visible example—along with the reflective learning that emerges from our conversations—is both insightful and instructive as others step more fully into their own greatness.

– Trust and Empathy:

Through our conversations we discover more about ourselves, more about each other and more about our special role in the world. This process necessarily requires a level of trust as we each give ourselves permission to be our true selves while encouraging the same in others.

When trust and authenticity are cultivated through conversation, something amazing takes place: one person’s thoughtful contribution can spark another person’s inner wisdom; when shared, this insight can then contribute to a third person’s activation of potential and inspiration—and the ripple effect continues.

The positive ripple effect sparked by authentic conversation generates a deeper level of inner trust and self-knowledge. As we cultivate greater trust within ourselves, it becomes easier to cultivate trust with others—as within, so without. And as we develop greater trust within us, and between us, we begin to see that beneath our perceived external difference, we are internally unified within our shared humanity.

Through our conversations we have a direct experience of our profound interconnectedness and we become more aware of the fact that every word we utter and every action we take has a very real effect to the whole of all life. We can then choose to contribute in ways that invalidate and breakdown or we can choose to contribute in ways that uplift and build up (everyone and everything around us).

In order to make conscious, present-time choices that align with the highest and best within us, we necessary have to be in-tuned with ourselves, and each other. Our filmed conversations—which always begin with conscious breathing exercises and group meditation—help us develop necessary relational skills by requiring us to practice presence through mindful listening, mindful speaking and mindful contribution in the moment.

Our “conscious talk show” requires that we each learn, practice and improve on our ability to communicate and interact in more mindful and authentic ways, giving us the opportunity to help shape a more kind, considerate and balanced global society—one thought, one word, one deed at a time.

We strive to model authentic human relationship through our in-person and online conversations by embodying the values we uphold. We hope to demonstrate what is possible when people come together in service of a greater vision.


At its core, Creative Legacy serves the emerging paradigm of holistic education and social transformation in a unique and powerful way. Our educational philosophy invites us to consider balance and human potential for the purpose of personal fulfillment and creative contribution to the whole. This emerging vision is explained in this 4 minute video: Educational Paradigm Shift

Our goal is to open up spaces where holistic education can flourish within “pockets of possibility” all over the country and world.

In keeping true to the original definition of education (coming from the root word “educere”, which means “to bring forth from within”) we are demonstrating what authentic education can look like—which necessarily requires genuine and balanced human relationships within and between us.

(iii) Our community is contagious. When one person tunes in and gains value from our inspirational dialogues, they naturally and enthusiastically share the episode and/or reading material with their friends and family. This creates a blossoming of individuals coming together and tuning into potential and possibility.

When one person shares with another, they spark a meaningful conversation in their own circle of influence. This circle naturally and organically expands to include other friends and family members—which, inevitably grows as the sharing and conversations continue. And then, what we begin to see is an acceleration of awareness, choice and transformation on a personal and a collective level—a motivating intention in our work.

Evolutionary Conversations (within us and between us) = Evolutionary Change (individually and collectively)

One of our core intentions is to encourage young people, in particular, to begin paying attention to who they and why there are here. We want the younger generations to be preoccupied with thinking about—and talking about—their own unique purpose and how they can use their gifts and talents to make a difference.

We hope our program helps spark and support this level of sustained contemplation and evolutionary conversations among and between generations. We intend for our entertaining and educational program to help energize mutually beneficial connections on all levels: within the individual, among individuals and between self and community.

(iv) As described above, our vision leverages the power of technology (social media, live streaming and eventually television networks) to reach the greatest audience possible in order to influence the greatest possible good.

(v) What we are promoting is natural to each of us. Anyone can engage in thoughtful and authentic conversation—we just don’t often have opportunities do so in our fast paced, high tech society. This is why we are so passionate about creating such a needed space.

Anyone can freely access the readings and conversations with the click of a button. The readings are available as PDF files and our videos are posted on our website after every live filming. In addition, individuals are always welcome to join us in person for our conversations as well.

Eventually we would like to work with an online platform that allows us to live stream the conversations and have an interactive forum where viewers can call in, chat with one another, leave comments, type in questions, submit topics for conversation and interact with us and each other from anywhere in the country (and world).


What makes Creative Legacy unique is that we are a highly collaborative community (a student-teacher led movement) that emerged organically from an ordinary college classroom—we could not have possibly “planned” for this to happen. The unfolding has been such an organic evolution that we all continue to be in awe as the vision carries us forward.

Our vision and expanding community definitely have a heartbeat and as we tune in, we begin to feel our own rhythm harmonizing with the essence of something bigger than each one of us.

So far, we have not come across a project that is similar to ours. The only reference point we have are mainstream television shows like The View, where individuals tune into conversations that are accessible nationwide. The difference, as the dean of our school pointed out, is that our program is “an enlightened version of something like The View”. Instead of talking about celebrity fashion, for example, we engage in powerful conversations around purpose, passion and human potential.

This type of television and online programming helps cultivate a level of consciousness within our culture that supports individual and collective evolution for generations to come.

(3) Budget:

We are just getting started (and our vision is already coming to life) so any financial support would help maintain and expand our work. At this point, a budge of $15,000 would fulfill the need for high-quality film equipment, website maintenance, editing software along with editor fees as well as meeting space rentals and reading materials. As we expand, especially into the television arena, the budget would grow from there. We can provide an itemized list of operating costs and specific equipment that we have identified as being ideal for the fulfillment and expansion of our vision.

(4) Bios:

Please see the “Profile” section of our website for our bios: www.CreativeLegacy.org