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An app & community where individuals reflect, discover, and/or share their inner wisdom on 36 topics like trust & love

In a world driven by technology, we are more connected today than we have ever been in the history of humankind. Whether it’s through facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, or various mobile devices; we can literally connect to hundreds, if not thousands of people with the push of a button or the click of a mouse. So why do many of us feel so disconnected and alone? At Soul Centers, we are passionate about connection. We are passionate about creating opportunities for people to connect with themselves, others, life, and work.
Our intent with this proposal is to take the “in person” analog version of Soul Circle, an experience we developed and started using over four years ago, and create the Living Connected app and online community, where individuals are shown how to tap into inner wisdom, are inspired by one of the 36 topics, and are able to use the online community to express themselves in a way that feels safe and connect with themselves and others in a way that is meaningful.

This app and community is based on Soul Circle, which was created by Alicia and James Hadlock, founders of Soul Centers. Alicia & James began facilitating Soul Circle™, an enlightening and transformational experience in 2008 in their home in Park City, Utah. They work with individuals, wellness centers, treatment facilities, assisted living centers, healthcare facilities, and resort properties.

Our approach with this app and community is to introduce a new way of seeing and living by using the guidelines created from the Soul Circle model. The Living Connected App teaches practical ways on how inner stillness can lead to reflection and insight and is a reminder that transformation lies within each of us; that going within allows us to see something previously hidden, and leads to inspiration, connection, and creativity; which then creates life change in an effortless way. This approach allows users to address today’s challenges with a fresh, innovative method that offers solutions and well-being for everyday life.

The Living Connected App and Community can be used in two primary ways.

A. The App user receives a personal, randomly picked topic (word of the day). As they follow the guidelines provided by Living Connected App, they create for themselves an environment to go within and reflect on what meaning that topic holds for them. As the user follows the guidelines from Living Connected App, the user provides their own space for healing, creativity, change, and inspiration. Essentially, the process gets a person out of their thoughts and into their hearts. By following the App, the user is encouraged to be present by using the step by step, easy to follow guidelines that have been developed and used for over four years by Soul Centers.

1. The App will randomly choose one of 36 topics with the tap of an icon.
2. Once the topic (word of the day) has been chosen, a definition of the word, other related words, a relevant quote associated with the word, and 2 or 3 thought provokers will appear for the user to read and reflect on.
3. The user is then guided, through easy to follow written word or prerecorded audio, to follow the guidelines on how they can go inward with the chosen topic. The process gives a step by step method and facilitates an environment that allows users to take notice of what comes up for them during this brief time of reflection.
4. The user is then encouraged to further explore their perspectives, insights, and experiences (PIE) associated with the topic by writing or journaling.

B. The user can use the topic (word of the day) to go within to be inspired, as mentioned above; then, they can share their (PIE) perspectives, insights, and experiences with the online community using the inspired guidelines from the Soul Circle “in person” model. It’s provides an opportunity for users to be heard, be connected, and to actively engage by listening to others through reading their (PIE). Users will experience connection and well-being as they take notice of how similar we all are by hearing other individual experiences, be inspired by the insights of others that share from their heart in an authentic way, and glean nuggets of wisdom as they read about others’ perspectives on the 36 various topics, which also include listen, honor, integrity, and compassion.

1. Follow steps 1 – 4 as mentioned above.
2. The user can then log in to the online community easily and share their (PIE) and/or read about what others have chosen to share on the 36 topics.
3. A key ingredient to the online community – There is no platform to give advice or feedback on what others have shared. The point is, this facilitates a safe environment to share and be introspective rather than put one’s intention on “helping” others, which can interrupt one’s own process of self discovery and inspiration. Although this guideline may seem insignificant, our experiences and research confirm its great value to all participants and allows for greater connection and collaboration by directing the focus on one’s self within, rather than going outside of self without.
4. The guidelines developed from Soul Circle and utilized in the Living Connected App have certain “rules of engagement” which will be utilized in the online community and may include:

i. We do not give advice or feedback to others.
ii. We can read and observe other’s shared perspectives, insights, and experiences (PIE) to see what bubbles up for us individually and see if it inspires us by providing new solutions to our own lives.
iii. This is not a platform for debate, discussions of theology, or religious belief systems.
iv. We honor what others are willing to share whether we agree or not. This is about being present and supportive to others.
v. We only share what we feel safe to share and what we feel inspired to share.
vi. We are mindful in what we share and mindful as we read what others have to share.

The Living Connected App and Online Community apply a unique and original approach to how we tap into our own wisdom and how we communicate with ourselves and others. Although the technologies that will be used to create the App and Online Community are not necessarily difficult or original, the steps and guidelines that create the experiences are very unique and come from analog versions, including a companion book and set of 36 topic cards that have been used and implemented with individuals, treatment facilities, resorts, and wellness centers for nearly four years.

In creating the brief budget with our developers, we have determined that it will cost $10,000 – $15,000 to create the apps for both the iPhone and Android operating systems and another $7,500 – $10,000 to create the online community using a Word Press interface. Estimated timeline to complete both projects is 6-7 months.
The Living Connected™ App and Community allows users to:
• Express themselves in a way that feels safe and connect with themselves and others in a way that is meaningful.
• Discover & share inner wisdom in an easy, safe environment whether they use the app individually or in the community.
• Be reminded that we are all the same and have more in common than we might think.
• Be inspired by what comes up from within whether users apply the word of the day individually and/or in the community.
• Regain a sense of gratitude and a deeper sense of self because of the connection we experience for ourselves and with others.
• Step into wholeheartedness by being vulnerable and open to this heart centered experience.

When we feel safe, are held without judgment, and engage with each other through loving kindness; we naturally allow ourselves to open up and experience a true relationship with ourselves, others, and life. As we navigate through life, an experience using the Living Connected App and Community can be a reminder that we are all same, are truly connected, and have more in common than we sometimes think.

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