Mindfully Me Web Companion Service

A combination application/website that promotes self-awareness.

The Mindfully Me Comprehensive Web System is the combination of a mobile application and companion website that promotes mindfulness, self-awareness, authenticity, and other skillful living practices. The Mindfully Me app is already available for purchase in the app store and has three functions: 1) a general meditation timer, 2) guided meditations, and 3) mindfulness reminders (regular notifications that deliver brief reminder messages directing the user to his or her present moment experience).

The Mindfully Me User Website (the product of this proposal) will give users the opportunity to develop mindfulness and personal growth goals, track goals and statistics, review data collected from the Mindfully Me app regarding their personal goals, and connect users to a community of people committed to developing self-awareness skills. The combination of mobile app and web interface will provide mindfulness reminders, authenticity assistance, and a strong connection to personal self-awareness goals.

The mission of the Mindfully Me Comprehensive Web system is to help users learn, practice and refine all of 1440’s relationship skills of self-awareness, authenticity, trust, and empathy. Because our focus is on the practice of mindfulness, self-awareness and authenticity are specifically targeted.

Self-awareness will be further enhanced by the user planning meditations and tracking statistics, and by customizing mindful reminders throughout the day. These reminders will push notifications customized by the user specific to his or her situation such as “remember to breath when you feel upset,” that will remind the user to practice self-awareness skills.

Authenticity will be promoted through the constant practice of mindfulness and direction of the user to his or her present moment experience. A user may, for example, practice being authentic by reminding him or herself to engage uncomfortable emotions as they arise. Insights gained through such experiences may be shared with the Mindfully Me community.

Because our app-website combination promotes mindfulness as broadly defined, it applies generally to all three target areas: education (e.g., reducing stress for exams), wellness (e.g., reducing suffering and enhancing psychological well-being) and the workplace (e.g., reducing work-related stress). However our target area is wellness. Because the mission of this product is to promote mindfulness and self-awareness, it most readily applies to the area of wellness. Our goal is to support and encourage mindfulness by providing feedback, enabling users to customize goals and intentions, and creating community.

This product enhances authentic connection of users with themselves (e.g., through mindfulness, self-awareness, authenticity practices) and with other members of the Mindfully Me community (e.g., by sharing statistics, goals, and custom reminders, both within the web-application and through platforms like Facebook and twitter)

This product is an app-website combination. The website will use client-side scripting, server-side code, database, and security technologies. The server-side will push content to the mobile application.

This service will be easy to use and non experts can have access. We are passionate about creating simple interfaces that are self-explanatory and that anyone can use.

What sets this product apart is the innovative connection that users can have to their goals, statistics, and community by having a website-app combination. This gives users the ability to create custom goal reminders or mindfulness reminders that can be pushed to their mobile device throughout the day, collect data for their mobile device, and share insights with their community. Rather than just a mobile app, or just a website, users will have the unique function of staying connected to their goals throughout the day, via the mobile app, helping them to live mindfully and authentically.

Budget and timeline:


Team member 1: $7,000
Team member 2: $7,000
Team member 3: $7,000
Other Costs:
Domain, hosting, learning materials: $ 500
Total: $ 25,000


September through December 2012

Design website layout and appearance
Write client-side scripts
Develop server-side code and database functionality

January through March 2013

Implement app-side code for receiving push-notifications and sending data
Implement server-side code for pushing notification and receiving data

March through May 2013

Thoroughly test client-side, server-side, and app-side and interactions

May through June 2013

Market and Distribute product

July 2013

Have 500 user subscriptions and recruit on average 25 new users per month.

Our Team:

Sammy Himelstein, Ph.D.

Sammy received his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, CA. Sammy is an author, entrepreneur, consultant, researcher, clinician, and educator. He currently works with incarcerated youth at a juvenile detention camp in San Mateo County where he co-facilitates a mindfulness-based substance abuse treatment program. Sammy is also the Research director at the Mind Body Awareness Project, a non-profit providing mindfulness-based services to high-risk and incarcerated youth in the bay area, where he has overseen multiple research projects and collaborated with institutions such as Stanford, Colorado State University, and the University of Hawaii. Sammy is also an adjunct professor at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in the doctorate program where he teaches qualitative and mixed methods research, and in the master’s program where he teaches mindfulness-based psychotherapy. His most recent project was the creation of “Mindfully Me,” an iPhone application that promotes mindfulness and well-being with collaborates Jimmy Tangeman and Duncan Riach. Sammy has published research and clinical pieces in peer reviewed journals and has been contracted to write the book “A mindfulness-based approach to working with high-risk adolescents” by Routledge.

Jimmy Tangeman, M.A.

Jimmy currently holds a BS in Psychology from the Pennsylvania State University and a MA in Transpersonal Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, where he’s currently working to finish his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. Jimmy is the creator of the iOS app, “myWOD”, a sharing and progress management tool for CrossFit style workouts, which has been featured in Apple’s AppStore – Health & Fitness top 50 category for over 9 months, often breaking into the top 25. Jimmy currently works at Momentum for Mental Health, a non-profit community mental health organization in San Jose, California, providing counseling and case management services to adolescents ranging in age between 13 – 23 y/o. His most recent project has been working with Sammy Himelstein and Duncan Riach on the completion of the iOS app “Mindfully Me”, which is one of many ideas they intend to develop that integrates their knowledge and passion for psychology with today’s technological capabilities.

Duncan Riach, M.A.

Duncan has a first class honors degree in electrical engineering from the University of Reading in the UK, an M.S. in electronic engineering from Stanford University, and an M.A. in psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology, where he is an advanced Ph.D. candidate in Clinical Psychology. Duncan spent twelve years as a computer chip designer, architect, and project manager. He is the inventor of 11 US patents (10 granted) in the fields of digital image processing and computer architecture. Duncan is about to enter the second year of his pre-doctoral internship at the Community Institute for Psychotherapy in San Rafael, providing sliding-scale psychodynamic psychotherapy, where he is also developing a novel database system. Duncan’s doctoral research is a gold standard clinical trial of a device that uses the principles of acupuncture to reduce symptoms of depression and increase psychological health and wellbeing. He recently self-prepared and filed a 100-page patent application for the device. Duncan is passionate about using his authentic leadership style, vision, and innovative thinking to create technologies that result in deep personal transformation, of both customers and employees.

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Mindfully Me app launched in the app store May 26th 2012:


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