StrengthsFactors User-Friendly Enneagram Workplace Tool

An Online Tool to Graph the Individual Strengths of

Enneagram tool graphs whole team with individuals’ strengths; enables coaching authentic communication, empathy, trust

Hi, I’m Ingrid Stabb. I am a proven product developer and marketer by profession. My passion is the Enneagram and my hope is to help consultants and trainers introduce the Enneagram in the workplace to as many people as possible. My dream is to deliver an effective online tool that helps people foster authentic communication, mutual respect and teamwork within organizations.Leaders, consultants, coaches, HR managers, Wisdom 2.0 enthusiasts and counselors around the world have already found the Enneagram framework, as compared to similar respected frameworks such Myers-Briggs® and StrengthsFinder 2.0, to be powerful for teaching self-awareness, trust, authenticity, and empathy. Until now, however, presenting this impactful information in a simple, accessible way has been hard to achieve in the work setting.With this tool, a much wider audience than before can benefit from the Enneagram framework to improve work relationships. This tool is different from other Enneagram resources available today because its design is more appealing to a mainstream audience and the information is more digestible. Additionally, the unique functionality of this tool enables greater visibility across the team and allows specialized access among users. (See more details in section “b” below.)

Here’s how it works: Individuals take an online assessment and print out a report that helps them start gaining greater self-awareness and empathy for their own strengths and weaknesses as well as for those of others. Then everyone sees a graph with a compilation of the team’s results to gain appreciation for the range of strengths their team possesses as a whole. All enjoy a user interface that is on par with top Web 2.0 tools today, with functionality such as easy logins and different permissions by individual, team, and organization. White labeling of the tool allows consultants to present their own unique brand of training or coaching with it.

This tool is for non-experts and is administered by independent professional coaches, or internal trainers, who can bring out important insights and nuances of team results. While the tool leads with “strengths” to keep the conversation feeling positive and safe at work, professional coaches set the context and meaning of the information which inevitably touches on individuals’ needs and challenges as well—opening up dialogs that build empathy and trust.

I invite the 1440 Challenge judges to please consider choosing this idea for much-needed funding not only because it promotes self-awareness, trust, authenticity and empathy in the workplace. The other reason is that I am a strong candidate for executing the idea successfully. I have the combination of skills and product development track-record (see bio in section “d”) required to do a good job with this, make the most of the $25k, thus helping ensure one of the awards is put to the most effective use possible!

What sets this apart from similar efforts?

  • Cross-team view. Very few online assessments provide a team view of individuals’ strengths and needs. Most online tools just offer individual personality tests. This broader synthesis of how everyone fits together better supports mutual understanding and successful team off-sites, training and leadership coaching. Rather than influencing birds of a feather to flock with their like-minded colleagues, it helps everyone gain a better appreciation of the importance of each person’s impact as well as of the team’s blind spots.
  • Depth of material. Compared to frameworks for other respected online tests such as Myers-Briggs® and StrengthsFinder 2.0, the Enneagram framework helps individuals gain a deeper level of self-awareness and empathy for others. Other frameworks focus more on outward behaviors whereas the Enneagram uncovers the motivations behind our behaviors and deeply held beliefs we possess knowingly or unknowingly such as “I must get this perfect” or “I must remain strong.” Many coaches and psychologists prefer the Enneagram framework to help people understand why they do what they do, how to be more mindful of their own habits and in their interactions with others, how to grow beyond their personality type to become less reactionary, and how to be more present with others. (Note the Enneagram is not trademarked, and is free to use for this project.)
  • Accessibility. Enneagram tools currently available are not business-friendly enough or easy enough to use. The StrengthsFactors Enneagram tool presents concepts in clear business language with appealing graphic design akin to the most popular consumer websites today. Most other Enneagram materials are far too long with too much psychological jargon and display graphics featuring the classic Enneagram star which seems too obscure and new-agey for most workplaces.
  • Ability to execute. Ingrid Stabb is an award-winning product developer who has built and launched many successful products, including an easy-to-use trading platform for E*TRADE, and most recently has marketed for top enterprise social software companies. Ingrid is also a leading expert on how to apply Enneagram concepts in the workplace and is a HarperCollins co-author on the topic.

Budget and timeline:

Month 1

  • $0 Initial business requirements development (Written by Ingrid)

Months 2-3

  • $2,000 Wireframes development and focus groups

Months 4-6

  • $0 Functional specifications development (Written by Ingrid)
  • $0 Content development (Written by Ingrid)
  • $1,000 Content editing and copywriting
  • $3,000 Graphic design and final wireframe fixes for specifications

Months 7-8

  • $11,000 Technology development

Month 9

  • $1,000 Quality Assurance Testing

Month 10

  • $0 Beta test (with volunteers and free tools)

Months 11-12

  • $7,000 – Final technology development bug fixes, minor enhancements after beta test, plus basic web marketing costs. This would be an investment from personal savings from Ingrid to make up for loss in $7k required taxes on the $25k award.

Months 13+

  • Available on request—sustainability planning for ongoing cost of delivery.

Bio including qualifications, past experience, and any links to relevant URLs

Ingrid Stabb is co-author, with Elizabeth Wagele, of HarperCollins Enneagram book, The Career Within You, which is published in English, Korean and Japanese. She is certified in the Enneagram and is a leading expert on applying to the Enneagram framework to career strengths assessment. In 2011 Ingrid was named #66 among the Top 100 Most Desirable Mentors for Gen Y. By profession, Ingrid is a proven product developer and marketer and won the E*TRADE President’s Award for developing and launching a user-friendly active trader platform from the ground up. She was also a key founding employee of Score! Educational Centers, taking one center and developing the business model to create a successful national chain of learning centers for kids. Most recently Ingrid has worked as a marketer for top social media enterprise software companies. Ingrid holds an MBA from Yale University and a BA from Columbia University and her dream is to bring the wisdom of the Enneagram to a mainstream audience to benefit as many people as possible and to breathe new life into organizations.

Advisors and contributors include: Pat Newmann, Greg Giuliano, Donna Fowler (organizational consultant feedback and beta testing); Ian Nyquist, Mike DeSart, Ryan Irilli, Jacqueline Domin (user interface, graphic design, web development); Ron McClain (software engineering); Damon Danielson, Dean Kayes (business sustainability planning). We would love additional collaboration with interested experts affiliated with the 1440 organization.

External validation and/or support:

General Validation of Enneagram for Authenticity and Self-Awareness in Workplace:

“What a tragedy it is to posses such natural gifts and to hide them from ourselves and the world. Wagele and Stabb are great detectives who will help you understand your perfect habitat for all you can bring to the workplace.” – Chip Conley, Founder, Joie de Vivre Hospitality, author Emotional Equations

Specific Validation of this Tool:

“Employees in organizations everywhere need access to a tool like this: A user-friendly, accessible way to better understand fellow team members, what energizes them, and what they need from each other to be successful. In terms of external support for this project, my colleagues and I will provide input based on our experience about what features are important for the workplace and with feedback on the beta test version of the tool.” – Greg Giuliano, Ecstasis

“As an accredited Enneagram teacher and executive coach for the last 20 years, I know that an online, easy to use (and apply) tool that is geared toward people in their workplace is absolutely needed; and what is currently available does not yet reach all these objectives.” – Donna Fowler, MindWalk

“In my over 30 years as a coach to individuals and teams in the workplace, it is abundantly clear to me that relationships are the basic building block of organizations in which people thrive while producing extraordinary results. As I work with clients, I use many on-line questionnaires and tools, always looking for the most user-friendly ones. This tool is designed to meet the needs of end-users of all types, regardless of their tech experience. It is a great addition to this work to make the workplace great for all!” – Pat Newmann, Partner in Change