We are emotional, physical and social beings. We may have the best of intentions to slow down, give time to our health, our relationships, and the larger world, but this can be challenging.


WellBeings helps to solve the problem of engaging people in long term behavior change that is aligned with their core values within a larger social community. As we know change is hard. If change was easy, we wouldn’t need all the incentives, coaching, support, and encouragement in our lives to meet goals and intentions.

One of the reasons change doesn’t come easily is that we don’t always connect our actions for a certain goal to our core values. For example, lets say I have a goal of losing weight, but weight loss along with my other goals shortly becomes just another thing to do. In my mind weight loss means I have to get up early, I miss out on eating some of my favorite foods, and I haven’t; had the best track history with losing weight, so why bother? Before I even begin to put some actions behind this goal, I now have all these reasons to not even start. If I can’t see how weight loss actually makes my life better or connects to some of my larger core values I probably won’t stick to the goal. However, lets say that I discover one of my core values is health and I connect the goal of weight loss to health. Now I can find value in exercise and eating well because it actually meets a core value of mine. This connection makes it easier to engage in actions to support me in weight loss. When I hit an obstacle around weight loss instead of giving up, I can remind myself that this is linked to a higher value of mine and therefore has more reward if I follow through with it.

The Well Being platform starts off with users creating a profile and then going through a Core Values exercise. The Core Values exercise is a simple Audio meditation that allows users to get in touch with what really matters to them in their life. They are asked to pick the 4 most prominent core values that come to the surface. After this meditation, users are asked how can they live and express these values in their life. Additionally, they are asked what is supporting them in living out these core values in their life and what is obstructing them. Lastly, they are asked to start with a goal that they would like to work towards that aligns actions with this core value. They can choose to share this goal in their public profile or keep it private. From here, a community starts to build. Each person can share their goals, receive encouragement when they have put an action towards their goal, have a space to track their progress, see who else in their community may have similar goals that they can also support, form events and groups around similar goals, and lastly participate in personal and group challenges.

Yammer allows employees to connect with one another in the workplace around tasks and projects in a supportive atmosphere. What if the same platform was also supporting employees in their core values and greater health and well-being?
Just Imagine…..https://www.yammer.com/product/feature-list/

The WellBeings platform can be accessed at work or at home through your computer or smartphone and links you to a constant source of support, encouragement, and community to make living out your best life possible.

The 1440 Foundation Guidelines and WellBeings

The WellBeing Core Values.assessment and platform helps people to understand what matters most to them. Many core values tend to be health, relationships, giving back, the environment, etc. From identifying these core values and putting them into action, people are able to practice more self-awareness, authenticity, trust, and empathy with themselves and their greater community.

WellBeings can be used to transform the workplace into a wellplace. In working as a wellness consultant for several years, I see real benefit in having workplaces embrace both productivity and wellness at the same level. Typically in workplaces that offer wellness programs and incentives, employees aren’t really encouraged to put wellness in the same hierarchy as work projects. However, the research proves that the better you take care of yourself, the more productive you actually are. Wellbeings will help to facilitate a well working environment whether you are working at home or in an office.

WellBeings fosters real human connection by sharing what matters most in a safe and supportive community. Each individual can choose what to share and with whom to share. Facebook has opened the door to encouraging sharing with peers in a social online setting. WellBeings will build on this by connecting people to share their interests, goals, and deepest desires with friends, family, and colleagues. Strong communities and supportive networks are formed when this kind of sharing is nurtured.

The Wellbeings Platform would be identical to the Yammer Platform yet would differ in the integration of the Values meditation, tracking components, personal and group challenges, and be geared towards implementing more health and well being vs. work projects. It would be accessible by PC, Macs, and smart phones.

Specifically, we would like to add the following features and functions:

* Use the current Yammer platform to integrate a values and wellbeing model for workplace and non-workplace usage.

* Help to develop personal and group challenges on this platform, which doesn’t currently exist.

* Create a Smartphone App that integrates with this platform for quick access to WellBeings.

* Daily reminders function that allows users to schedule actions on their computer to help them integrate the practices more into daily life.

The Team:
Carley Hauck
Carley has worked in the field of health and wellness for over 13 years and has a Masters degree in Health Psychology. Carley is the President of Intuitive Wellness where she works as a wellness consultant and coach with individuals and organizations. Carley is on the Board of Mevident, a wellness technology start up, which manages networks of wellness practitioners and integrates wellness services for employer benefit programs. (www.mevident.com). Additionally, Carley has had a long meditation practice and currently teaches mindfulness in the workplace. Carley is part of Spirit Rocks Dedicated Practitioners Program, studying the applications of the dharma into daily life.

Hector Bolanos
Hector is a serial entrepreneur and spiritual practitioner for over 20 years. He is the founder of MindFree Ventures, a start up company that has developed two software apps “Stillness Buddy” and “Just a Moment”, which help people be more mindful of the present moment, less stressed and more at peace.

We will spend the money in the following areas:

* Partnering with Yammer to create customized platform with wellness a wellness theme for audio, community sharing, and tracking specifications, daily reminders, and challenges ($4-6K)

* SEO and Adwords to increase traffic of product and offering to worksites ($2-3K)

* Marketing of platform and product through publications and participating in relevant events (ie Wisdom 2.0 & HR wellness events ($6-7K)

* Smart Phone App ($3-4K)

Final Thoughts

WellBeings is a way to share and support our deepest values and be encouraged to act on these values in a social community and network. When we can align our core values to the actions we want to create in our lives we won’t need all the additional incentives and reinforcement to create change. Our hope through WellBeings is that people will get in touch with what really matters to them and start living their lives from this place.

To further illustrate how the WellBeings concept was realized, I will share a story with you. My colleague Hector and I met about a year ago through LinkedIn, I saw that he was a meditator and interested in bringing mindfulness to the workplace, these were also interests of mine. As time went on, it became apparent that we both shared a large core value. We wanted to help others live healthy and balanced lives and thought technology could be a way to reach and support a lot of people in this. We started a dialogue and a friendship and collaboration was formed. If I hadn’t met Hector and we didn’t share this core value and wasn’t feeling supported in this project, I may not have followed through in putting this idea together and bringing it to life. WellBeings can create a dialogue and space where people can truly connect and support one another and be inspired to take action towards their dreams and higher values.

All of us in the 1440 challenge are WellBeings. In our submissions, we are linking our values to making the world a better place through the help of technology. We are a band of many, but what if we could inspire this kind of motivation and action in the larger world? I get excited just thinking about it. Thank You for your consideration and opportunity.

Joy to You,
Hector and Carley