The Work of 1440 Foundation

Time to Connect

To fulfill the mission of 1440 Foundation, we are:

  1. Seeking to find those leaders whose vision aligns with ours, and then invest in them to help realize their goals and passions. We believe that the best way to grow our own vision is by supporting the intentions of like-minded champions.
  2. Supporting programs in multiple ways, including financial support, communications support, networking support, and assistance with strategic planning and organizational design.
  3. Looking for all forms of practice that support our vision for both inner and relational fitness, with a secular view that there are many paths to ultimately very similar discoveries.
  4. Committed to real-world evidence and applications, looking beyond the philosophical to the practical realizable examples of our vision.

1440 Foundation invests in projects and programs in the following broad program areas:

  • Self awareness and whole person development: Inner fitness as realized through a wide variety of contemplative practices
  • Relationship development: ┬áRelational fitness as realized through the practice of thoughtful and deliberate skill building and understanding of others
  • Authentic leadership development: The development of authentic leaders and leadership practices in the classroom, the medical system, and the workplace

Please Note: The Foundation does not support indirect costs.