Connecting to Each Other

Focus on relationships

1440’s work in this area focuses on relationships within three domains:

  • Research: We invest in research projects that help us better understand both the general nature of the relational universe, along with a more specific understanding of those perennial principles and practices that make relationships work.
  • Education: We support educational programs that build actionable curricula on the art and practice of effective relationships that are rooted in the best available science and easily accessible and applicable to a wide variety of audiences. In the domain of education, we focus on relationships between teacher, student, parent and school; in healthcare, between doctor, patient, family and community; and in the workplace, between peers and employer-employee relationships.
  • Communications: We aim to support communications strategies and vehicles that advance the field of “relationship development.” The goal is to make relationship development as recognizable and effective as the fields of human development, child development, and organizational development.