The Origins of the Name ‘1440’

During the summer of 2011, Scott and I were searching for just the right name for our foundation. Little did I know that I’d find it in my own backyard. I was in the garden, weeding and harvesting vegetables when I was overcome by a feeling of happiness, contentment, and joy — for the colorful tomatoes and squash in my basket, for the quiet beauty of the land, and for the preciousness of my life with my family and friends. This moment of heightened awareness and gratitude probably lasted just a minute or two, yet it had a profound affect on me. It made me wonder how many minutes there are in each day, and how we might live more often in this high definition kind of way.

When I returned from the garden, I went to where so many now go to learn interesting facts: I Googled it. I found that there are 1440 minutes in each day. That’s 1440 opportunities for everyone, no matter who we are, to be more aware and mindful of how we’re spending our time. The mission of 1440 Foundation is focused on supporting people and programs aimed at developing greater awareness of ourselves and ourselves in relationship with others. I’m finding that maintaining this kind of awareness in my busy life requires constant attention. Each time I hear the name of our foundation, I’m reminded to be more aware of how I’m spending the precious minutes of my day. I hope that our name and our mission has the same effect on you.

With gratitude,

Joanie Kriens
Director, 1440 Foundation