Dinabandhu helped doubled revenues and quadrupled net revenues at the Kripalu Center.

I love to be in the presence of people in a developmental setting; we all learn and grow as we explore the depths of the human system.

Teaching professional yoga teachers is such a wonderful way to stay connected to my own love of practice.

Dinabandhu Sarley, Program Officer

Patton Sarley (also known by his Sanskrit name, Dinabandhu) has been a leader in the field of spirituality and human development for 35 years. Patton served in key leadership positions in the two largest and most successful holistic educational centers in the United States during their periods of greatest institutional vitality.

Dinabandhu left his position as the chief executive officer of Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in December 2010, having returned to that organization after nine years (1995 to 2004) as president of the Omega Institute . 
Patton led a renewal of vision, mission, and business development at Kripalu Center with his wife, Ila Sarley (Kripalu’s president), from 2004 through 2010.

In addition to revitalizing the mission, vision, and staff culture, their efforts doubled revenues and quadrupled net revenues, making the Kripalu Center one of the most dynamic and prosperous holistic learning centers in the country. Their tenure at Omega saw similar increases in financial metrics as well as overall organizational dynamism.

An active speaker and workshop leader in the areas of communications, spirituality in the workplace, organizational development, and leadership, Dinabandhu has devoted his life to the intensive practice of both Eastern and Western disciplines for spiritual growth, personal transformation, and organizational leadership.