Paige Berardo

Prior to joining the 1440 Foundation team, Paige enjoyed a career in innovation and product development of online content and e-commerce, working for companies including eToys,, and Microsoft.  Her career took her to London, England, where she and her young family resided for nearly 8 years.

Paige embraced a career shift while in England, where she followed her dream to leave the world a better place than she found it.  Her first foray in community leadership was with her children’s school’s PTA, where her efforts improved parent engagement, increased fundraising and improved the educational experiences of the students at the Queen’s Church of England School in Kew.

Back in the U.S., Paige served 2 years as President of the Saratoga Education Foundation, was an elected Trustee of the Saratoga Union School District from 2010-2014, and continues to be an active volunteer in her community as well as a dedicated mother of 3 wonderful children.

Her role at The 1440 Foundation is her dream come true.  As a program officer, Paige supports local champions in making the most of the resources and funding provided through their relationship with 1440 Foundation.  Her expertise in communications, organizational development and strategy support grantees in transition and help coalesce momentum around ideas that have potential to do greater good through working together.

She loves being with her family and friends, playing games, bringing people together, and most especially spending time with her children.