Scott Kriens, Director, 1440 Foundation

Joanie Kriens, Director, 1440 Foundation

The Kriens Family

Scott and Joanie Kriens, Directors

We founded 1440 Foundation as a way of sharing with others our belief in the power of strong, healthy relationships for improving lives. We’re beginning our work in the three domains of education, wellness, and the workplace. We get involved with organizations and people whom we feel will make the world a better place by developing and nurturing authentic relationship skills in the work they do.

Whether it’s been in our careers, our community, or our private lives, or in our work of building our marriage and parenting our children, we’ve found that our greatest experiences have come when — in concert with others — we’ve developed and nurtured the richest relationships.

“At 1440 Foundation, we begin with a belief in the value of self awareness and the power of rich relationships to unlock the potential we all have within us, and mix that with the excitement that this can be developed with skill and practice, just like anything else.”— Joanie and Scott Kriens

Shared Beliefs

This belief in the power of strong relationships manifested itself in leadership development practices at Juniper Networks where Scott spent 12 years as CEO and chairman, taking it from its early start-up days to a $3.5B global company of over 7,500 people in more than 100 countries. It also manifested itself in Joanie’s commitment to bringing hands-on science education to elementary and middle school districts, as well as volunteering at playgrounds and in after-school programs in underserved school systems.

Authentic Relationships

Together, the greatest gifts we have received in our lives are the authentic relationships that we’ve made along the way. Whether it’s the connections between parents and children, teachers and students, or doctors and patients, the path to success and meaning lies in our capacity for self awareness and the courage to share ourselves authentically and skillfully with others.