Creating classrooms where teachers want to teach and students want to learn through cultivating and fostering social emotional learning competencies and resilience.

As a mental health pioneer, Acknowledge Alliance partners with educators and other caring adults in their school setting to support the social and emotional needs of youth.

The work of Acknowledge Alliance, which began 20 years ago, is based on the Theory of Resilience and was implemented to support primarily vulnerable and at-risk youth through cultivating the wellness of educators and other caring adults in their lives. Students, especially those who are facing adversities, need and long for a connection with a caring adult. We know teachers play a pivotal role in shaping the lives of their students and having a presence that is caring and supportive—where students feel seen, heard and valued—is crucial to their success both in and out of school. Students’ well-being and how they relate to others, develop positive character skills, and regulate emotions are being identified as the critical skills needed to perform the requirements of the common core; common core cannot be achieved if students aren’t working collaboratively and aren’t engaged.

Acknowledge Alliance takes a systemic approach to positively change the education environment by integrating and embedding empathy, compassion, and social emotional competencies into the everyday practices, interactions and culture of the school and classroom. Through our two core programs, The Resilience Program and Collaborative Counseling and Transition Program, Acknowledge serves 300 educators and 4,000 students in 9 school districts within Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.