Studying a “CALM” Approach to Preparing Teachers

Can teachers benefit from a “Comprehensive Approach to Learning Mindfulness”? The “CALM Teachers” study, funded by 1440 Foundation, aims to find out.

Mark T. Greenberg and Tish Jennings are testing whether a short daily intervention involving yoga, somatic breathing, intention-setting and caring practices results in reduced psychological and physiological symptoms related to stress and burnout among school teachers.

The three-year pilot involves the development and delivery of a regular daily stress-reduction program to a sample of school teachers randomly assigned to receive the intervention during the first or second years (with a wait-list control group). Psychological and physiological assessments will be conducted pre-and post-intervention at a follow-up assessment during the fall of the second year.

The results of this pilot study will enable Pennsylvania State University’s Prevention Research Center to submit a proposal to National Institutes of Health (NIH) for a larger, randomized, controlled trial of the intervention. If Drs. Greenberg and Jennings can demonstrate the program’s efficacy in reducing stress and potential health care costs, school districts may be able to roll out the program as part of their employee assistance programs.

Visit 1440’s Vimeo channel for an extended interview with Mark Greenberg.

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