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The Triptykos School of Compassion is a program within Claremont Lincoln University’s Center for Engaged Compassion that teaches people how to embody the skills and sensibilities necessary for nurturing compassionate life within themselves and the world. Through retreats, certificate programs, and accredited courses Triptykos assists ministers, social activists, organizational leaders, parents, church members, and every-day folks in expanding and forming their own spiritual lives in ways both soul-satisfying and socially-engaged.

The core program of Triptykos is the 12-week Certificate in Engaged Compassion. With a combination of retreats, online instruction, weekly spiritual practices, group processes, and individual mentorship the Certificate in Engaged Compassion provides practical spiritual formation for persons who seek to deepen their skills and capacities for compassionate living. The program is ideal for ministers, organizational leaders, social justice activists, teachers, parents, and anyone who seeks training in compassionate living. Drawing on the life and teachings of Jesus, this program transforms the desire to love God, self, and others into practical actions that heal oneself, individuals, families, organizations, and the larger world.

Triptykos School of Compassion offers retreats to help individuals  and organizations do the inner-work of compassionate leadership.
The Certificate in Engaged Compassion helps non-profit  organizations, faith communities, and social justice activists  develop skills and sensibilities for compassionate action.
Triptykos School of Compassion provides in-depth formation  retreats with daily practices, individual mentorship, and practical  presentations  for faith communities, non-profit organizations  and individuals.