Center for Healthy Minds

The Center for Healthy Minds (CHM) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison seeks to cultivate well-being and relieve suffering through a scientific understanding of the mind.


CIHM, founded in 2009, is realizes its mission through Research, Innovation and Movement.

  • The Research Pathway is the Center’s core and is integral to everything we do. We conduct basic and translational research on the nature of well-being and suffering and examine mechanisms through which they can be impacted.
  • The Innovation Pathway takes insights from our research and applies them to the development of tools to cultivate well-being in real-life settings.
  • The Movement Pathway partners with other like-minded organizations and media outlets to change cultural acceptance around the idea that well-being can be learned, and is also a skill that can be cultivated through training.

Cultivating well-being holds enormous promise for humanity. There is growing evidence that well-being impacts our health, resilience, life success and ability to contribute to society more than any other single quality, including IQ. It’s now clear that well-being is the critical link to those areas that ultimately shape the human condition – our health, environment and societies.

students - Center for Investigating Healthy Minds

students - Center for Investigating Healthy Minds

research - Center for Investigating Healthy Minds