Center for Mindful Learning

The Center for Mindful Learning (CML) empowers young people with the skills to create healthy, happy and successful lives.


The center teaches innovative awareness-based skills, using a variety of age-appropriate activities through education, technology, and mindfulness techniques that help young people to:

  • Focus
  • Develop emotional maturity
  • Have a genuine sense of well-being and confidence
  • Take personal responsibility for improving their lives and the world around them

CML is a dynamic organization operating a number of projects and programs including:

  • Modern Mindfulness for Schools, an online tool to teach teachers how to be mindfulness instructors. Designed in a public school in collaboration with public school teachers, students and mindfulness experts, it allows classrooms to practice together and to learn to lead a mindfulness lesson. Currently over 220 teachers across 10 states are enthusiastically teaching some 5,500 students with Modern Mindfulness.
  • The Mindful City project brings mindfulness to the core city institutions of Winooski, Vermont. We’ve trained the Winooski School District, the Winooski Police Department, local parents, local businesses, individual citizens, and community counseling services. We are working with researchers at the University of Vermont to collect data and study the impact of our program in Winooski.

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