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The Center for Wellness and Achievement in Education (CWAE) is dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of educational institutions and promoting human flourishing through practices that strengthen the neurophysiologic foundation of learning, teaching, and behavior. CWAE’s flagship program is the Quiet Time Program, a stress reduction and wellness program that enhances the holistic development of both students and faculty.

Designed for grades 5 through 12, Quiet Time is a school-wide program that provides students two restful 15-minute periods each day to reduce stress, balance their lives, and increase their readiness to learn. The primary effects of the program are produced from practice of Transcendental Meditation, an extensively researched technique for stress reduction and brain development.

For faculty and administrators, CWAE offers an integrated wellness program that includes, in addition to meditation, emphases on proper diet, exercise, and sleep. CWAE also offers retreats for both students and faculty that combine meditation, yoga, knowledge meetings, and healthy food.

CWAE strongly emphasizes empirical evaluation of its programs. Results to date include: improved school-wide GPA, higher standardized test scores, increased attendance, reduced student anxiety and psychological distress, decreased burnout and stress in teachers and administrators, increased emotional intelligence and coping ability in adults.

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