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Challenge Success works with schools, parents and youth to develop and implement customized action plans to improve student well-being and engagement with learning. We believe the definition of success is different for every child, and through our hands-on workshops, conferences and presentations, we provide practical, research-based tools to help youth thrive. At the end of the day, we help educators create a healthier school culture by working with them to improve school policies and classroom practices; we help parents raise well-balanced kids by offering advice on things like homework, extracurricular activities and mental health; and we help students reduce stress and pressure while increasing their engagement with learning.

Challenge Success is a research-based organization. We conduct quantitative and qualitative research at school sites and regularly report our findings in scholarly journals. Challenge Success developed the Stanford Survey of Adolescent School Experiences, a comprehensive online survey instrument that examines student outcomes related to health, school engagement, and academic integrity. We implement the survey, analyze the data for the schools and work with schools to create a healthier school culture. We also offer a range of research-based parent education programs.

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