Developmental Contemplative Science

The members of the Developmental Contemplative Science (DCS) planning group, who include Stephanie Carlson, Carl Johnson, Robert Roeser and Philip Zelazo, all share a common interest in the description, explanation, and optimization of human development. All share an interest in interventions that capitalize upon plasticity and aim to foster and strengthen human resilience, including those that use contemplative practices like yoga, mindfulness, or kindness meditation. As Contemplative Science, the study of the effects of contemplative practices on the mind, brain and body advances, the working group also collectively recognized a need to complement this work with a developmental approach.

Developmental Contemplative Science aims to understand how various contemplative practices, embedded in particular cultural and age-appropriate contexts, might induce healthy changes in young people’s growing minds, brains and bodies that manifest as prosocial behavior, motivation and learning, and psychological well-being.

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Stephanie Carlson, Developmental Contemplative Science Planning Group

Robert Roeser, Developmental Contemplative Science Planning Group

Philip Zelazo, Developmental Contemplative Science Planning Group