Helping to improve the health and happiness of the world and to inspire as many people as possible to train their mind on a daily basis.

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Headspace was launched by co-founders Rich Pierson and former Buddhist monk Andy Puddicombe in 2010, as a project designed to demystify meditation. This is meditation for modern life – simple, scientifically-proven techniques, delivered both online and via the app, which the user is able to use every day to experience a healthier and happier mind.

There are now over 750,000 people worldwide using Headspace content, including following daily guided sessions from Andy. The daily sessions cover everything from the basics of learning meditation to an in-depth practice. Almost twice as many people have logged in to watch Andy’s recent TED Talk which currently has over a million views. Earlier this year, Headspace was featured on a BBC documentary in the UK, charting structural changes made in the brain after regular use of the app. More recently, Andy also appeared as a guest on The Dr Oz Show.

It is Headspace’s mission to motivate users to learn a skill for life – helping them to sleep better, focus more and stress less. In doing so, they believe this will bring a greater sense of calm and clarity to the way in which we approach our work, our interactions with others, and ultimately our experience of life as a whole. The company has offices in both the USA and the UK. You can learn more about Headspace at

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