Enriching children’s lives by connecting with animals

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Jasper Ridge Farm┬áis a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children on the San Francisco Peninsula experiencing chronic or life threatening health problems and/or challenging family situations such as homelessness, neglect, or domestic violence. The programs offered through Jasper Ridge Farms encourage and facilitate children’s interaction with animals, allowing them to experience the joy and healing that spending time with animals and enjoying and appreciating nature can bring.

In a safe, stable environment, children experience the wonder, excitement, and unconditional acceptance brought about by interacting with animals. The children learn important skills which will help them in life, including self-esteem, teamwork, empathy, patience and respect for themselves and others. The animals bring out the best in the children.

Most of the Jasper Ridge Farm animals have been rescued, which provides both a loving home for the animals and benefits the children at the same time.

Animal Therapy, Riley's Place

Image of kids and bunnies at Riley's Place

Image of boy bottle-feeding a goat

Image of Children at Riley's Place

Image of child petting an Animal at Riley's Place