Mindful Life Project

Mindful Life Project

Mindful Life Project empowers children through mindfulness and transformative skills to gain confidence, resiliency and self-mastery, leading to lifelong success. The non-profit, based in Richmond, California, is working at all five underserved elementary schools in South Richmond. In each of these schools, they provide their “Rise-Up” intervention program, which targets at-risk students, and their “Mindful Community” program which brings mindfulness to every classroom in the school. They also host mindfulness classes for parents twice a week.

They work with teachers, families, and principals to identify “at-risk” students that have been caught in a negative cycle of behavior and discipline. Instructors, certified through Mindful Schools, employs small groups during regular school hours to deliver 30 weeks of personalized lessons. Each week, instructors teach one, 25-minute lesson. They use a proven mindfulness curriculum from Mindful Schools and host a community night every eight weeks.

Mindful Life Project is dedicated to providing the best services to the students, families, and the whole community. The organization envisions schools where all students are able to participate and excel both socially and academically. They believe, and 1440 Foundation agrees, that every student has the innate ability to be a successful member of both the school and the community.

Mindful Life Project’s programs focus on empowering students by providing them with the skills and tools they need to improve self-awareness, impulse control, confidence and resiliency. To achieve this goal, Mindful Life Project creates a safe and caring environment where they build on the unique strengths of each child. This approach enables them to succeed individually, which in turn dramatically improves their behavior in the classroom and positively impacts the overall climate of the school.

"Finding your anchor spot" with Mindful Life Project

"Flying High" with Mr. Beqsu of Mindful LIfe Project

Mindfulness and Yoga at Coronado Elementary with Mindful LIfe Project

Therapeutic Art at Mindful Life Project