New World Foundation

The Civic Opportunity Initiative Network (COIN) is a program of The New World Foundation that seeks to increase community capacity, creating opportunities for academic and leadership training for young leaders in order to help link them to grassroots community organizing in a sustainable way.

COIN is based on the premise that service and education are important elements of active citizenship.

COIN puts community based organizations (CBOs) at the center of this equation by empowering them to make deep connections with youth and families and use their knowledge of their own community to help prepare youth for college.

Through academic and financial support for students in exchange for their service to community-based organizations, COIN seeks to build a model that sustains community organizing as a form of youth service, and incorporates civic engagement and democratic participation as an integral part of their education curriculum.

COIN seeks to strengthen community leadership, establish inter-generational and inter-ethnic collaboration, and stabilize community-based organizations as strong anchors for development in low-income communities.

Ultimately, the mission is to create a new pipeline of well-educated local leaders to energize and sustain CBO’s at the grassroots level.