Enabling homeless, foster care and disconnected youth in New York City to achieve their full potential and break the cycle of poverty through our Holistic, Educational Advancement and 21st Century Workplace programming.

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The Reciprocity Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2005 whose mission is to enable homeless, foster care and disconnected youth (aged 15-25 yrs) to achieve their full potential. We offer innovative Educational Advancement & Contemplative programs that focus on connecting youth to sustainable career paths and higher education.

Our programming is rooted in Contemplative Practice—from holistic coaching which helps homeless youth to develop an inspired Career and Life Plan, to our Educational Advancement programs which help youth graduate from High School and enroll in college. Our mindful programming help youth cultivate inner clarity before rushing into external outcomes (new job, new housing, etc).

Our 1-on-1 and group programming occurs in homeless shelters and supportive housing projects, and is inclusive of staff at these large social service agencies. Our goal is to transform the lives of high risk youth, and transform the agencies which touch most homeless and foster care youth in New York City through staff training, jointly-run programming and deep collaboration on youth outcomes.

Homeless Youth Practicing Yoga

Youth in the Midst of Forgiveness Workshop hosted by Reciprocity

Homeless youth on a Winter Retreat at Sky Lake Lodge

Youth Practicing Yoga while on Retreat at the Omega Institute

Family Style Vegetarian Meal for Homeless Youth at Reciprocity’s Holistic Center