Providing onsite school counselors with a social and emotional learning web platform that facilitates a process of teaching resiliency and mindfulness skills to their students.

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Teen Wellness Counselor is an social and emotional learning web platform school counselors use to teach resiliency and mindfulness skills to students.

The Teen Wellness Counselor concept originated from the academic research of Dr. Benjamin Van Voorhees of the University of Illinois. As a pediatrician studying adolescents, Van Voorhees observed that teenagers today need to learn coping skills in order to manage today’s environment of information overflow, fierce peer competition, family conflicts, a pessimistic economy, among many other sources of stress.

The Teen Wellness Counselor team, under the guidance of Van Voorhees, developed a program that covers critical skills around behavior awareness, emotional awareness, thoughts awareness, mindfulness, self-confidence and social relationships and support.

In a private, online environment, struggling teenagers can now watch inspirational video stories from teenagers facing various challenges, learn skills and lessons taught through chalkboard videos, read related character stories, and apply their learning to their own personal situations. As part of the program, school counselors can interact with students, monitor student progress, and help their students overcome their challenges.

Teen Wellness Counselor won the 2012 1440 Challenge.

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