The Center for Mind-Body Medicine

Teaching Thousands to Heal Millions

Center for Mind-Body Medicine-

The Center for Mind-Body Medicine’s mission is to make self-awareness, self-care, and group support central to all healthcare; the training health professionals ; and the education of our children.

Mind-body medicine is based on the scientific understanding of the connection between our thoughts, sensations, and feelings, and our mind, body, and spirit — both within ourselves and within the world in which we live. Mind-body skills (such as meditation, biofeedback, and guided imagery) are scientifically validated to reduce stress and restore physical and psychological health.

CMBM’s approach to wellness is grounded in practical, evidence-based skills for self-care, nutrition, self-awareness, and group support.

Our project, called Healing Our Troops – Northern California, has been working with active, veterans and their families since 2007. More than 30 Veterans Administration health centers and clinics have attended CMBM trainings, and personnel from as many as 30 military bases are currently using the CMBM model. The CMBM model teaches skills and provides support within the safety of a small group; it does not diagnose, nor does it stigmatize those who participate.

In Northern California, CMBM trains care givers working with the stress-related disorders of veterans and active military focused on the extensive scientific material on the biology and physiology of stress and trauma, and on the specific techniques used, as well as experiential work in the intensive, supportive Mind-Body Skills Groups.

Advanced Training will follow two to three months later in which they will learn to teach others the approach and tools they have learned and experienced. After the Advanced Training, participants will then lead a group of 10 participants once per week for 10 weeks.

CMBM will teach care givers to successfully handle their own trauma and stress, and then step by step, work with them to implement the same model with those they serve—reaching increasingly larger numbers of servicemen and women to rejuvenate their health, revive their hope, and enable them to move forward in their lives.

Center for Mind-Body Medicine

Center for Mind-Body Medicine

Center for Mind-Body Medicine

Center for Mind-Body Medicine