Empowering individuals, organizations and communities through mindfulness education as vehicles for effective decision-making, joyful growth, personal wellbeing, compassion and wisdom.

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The Institute of Compassionate Awareness promotes valuable knowledge and training which enhance the quality of mindfulness and scope of awareness in the personal and professional environment, thus empowering individuals, organizations and communities as vehicles for effective decision-making, joyful growth, personal well-being, compassion and wisdom.

The institute partners with academic research and educational institutions in furthering rigorous research into evidence based mindfulness and awareness based programs and interventions in order to identify those elements of mindfulness training and practice that prove most effective for various age groups and subsectors of society, currently and primarily school children, youth, young adults and educators. The institute is developing a state of the art Mindfulness Facilitator Training Certification Program to assist with the growing global demand for quality mindfulness instructors and important facilitator skill assessments.

TICA founder Dawa Tarchin Phillips with mindful young friends

TICA Mindfulness Training Program at the High School level

TICA Mindfulness Training with Middle School Faculties

High School students training in Working Memory Capacity (WMC) using TICA’s Mindfulness Training Game.